Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings

Summer is sort of a magical time where the days seems to stretch on forever but the calendar flips at alarming speeds. Here we are, well into August, and I'm now getting around to a long overdue post about my latest release, Fairy Rings, which was released in late May.

This pattern is inspired by the traditional double wedding rings quilt, but the piecing is flipped from the rings into the middle. A lovely ombre effect can be achieved with careful color selection.

The blocks are large, creating a striking visual that really captures your attention. The quilt top is traditionally pieced with curved piecing, and the templates needed to create the curves are included in the pattern. Because the curved pieces have a large radius, the curve is gentle and makes for a wonderful introduction to piecing curves. 

I entered the quilt I created for the cover in my local county fair and it won not just First Place, but also the Best of Show Ribbon! The judges comments highly praised the design and the gradient that the inner ring fabrics created.

My testers created some magical quilts with their color choices as well. Check them all out below!

Ready to make your own? Head to my shop and download your pattern now.



This version shows how well a subtle background can bring the focus to the inner rings.



The bright hues of red and orange and pink contrast so well with the angry sky above



Boho Perfection with the summer sunset vibes in the middle, highlighted by the olive green. 




The best part about seeing what others make is their fabric choices for the same pattern. I don't use a lot of orange in my work and using it as the background of a quilt doesn't even enter my mind. But I love how cheerful this baby/lap size quilt came out!




What a fun twist to use different colors for the rings! Even though she didn't have much of either green fabric, the end result by using both is an unexpected twist.



Don't let it rain on your parade! Just as she was starting to get a photo of her finished mini quilt top in pretty neutral colors, the rain started to fall! Doesn't wash away any of this beauty though



So pretty in pink, and the quilting gives this mini quilt some amazing texture



Jewel tones can make a bold statement! This is also made in the alternate layout for the mini size - with wings instead of rings!



Using all the colors of the rainbow, this fairy rings quilt is ready to fly out above the sea!



A refreshing, modern take on this design. It looks like flowers, with the yellow coming to meet in the middle



The botannical prints used in this quilt top make it seem right at home in the woods!


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