Pine Boughs

Pine Boughs

I'm a bit late in coming with this one (and several others) but no more! It is time to let you know all about Pine Boughs.


Last year I made it a point to streamline my pattern writing. I wanted to learn how to use better tools and write efficiently, so I signed up for the Quilt Pattern Writing Academy by Quilters Candy. It is different than the previous course I have taken with Alderwood Studios, the Pattern Writing Academy .

(And as an aside, both are excellent, but for different reasons. I feel like I benefitted greatly from both of them.)

But I digress.

Pine Boughs was my class project for the QPWC. I didn't have plans to release it until closer to the spring, but on a whim, submitted a mock up to Art Gallery Fabrics for the Soul Fusion Collection.  I was flattered and surprised that it was chosen for acceptance into the look book.


Heres the final version of the quilt that was featured in the lookbook:


But that means I should *probably* have the pattern finished before the look book was available.

I shortened my release timeline, begged in favors from some friends for a shorter than normal test period, and we were off. With their help, and the help of my tech editor, the pattern was available by the time the look book was released.

Here I would like to highlight my testers.

1. Abby (abbynormal_youngfam) made this summery, Fat Quarter version



2. Yara (stitchinwitch) with this Bright Beauty


3. Alex (begnaudquiltco) with a galactic version, made with yardage


4. Manja (mycollectionofhobbies) with this Australian Summer version

5. Tammy (quiltinginthewoods) with a cool, winter version.


None of this would be possible without their help. They are all incredible humans and talented quilters and I encourage you to check out their feeds.


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